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The study at NIFT commences with a two semester Foundation Program. The program offers foundation studies for "Bachelor in Design" and "Bachelor in Technology" and is designed to orient and sensitize students towards understanding of the fundamentals of fashion business namely Design, Technology and Management in a socio-cultural perspective. The program inculcates conceptual thinking and creates an awareness of the fashion business.

  • The program allows students from various mindsets to come together as a mix group. The mix group allows each student to understand critical support mechanism and share their experiences together for overall development.
  • The program orients students towards multi-disciplinary nature of design and providing an enhanced environment for thinking and learning and ensuring a fundamental and common approach for fashion industry in consonance and requirements of the industry.
  • The program provides uniform basic knowledge and skill competencies generic of design and technology discipline.

The programme is designed to nurture the creativity, sensitivity & skills required for their respective courses at NIFT and develop the sensibility to carry out the future studies at NIFT.

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