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The International Linkages and Exchange Programmes have been further strengthened to provide opportunities for student and faculty exchanges and joint research projects. During 2017-18 there has been an increase in the outbound mobility of NIFT Kangra students.
I. Ms. Ananta Kumar, Ms. Samiksha Gupta, Ms. Shranya Kumar, Ms. Srija Sharma, Ms. Rit Sinha and Ms. Astha Sharma have participated in the student semester exchange programme at Swiss Textile College in Switzerland and ENSAIT in France.
II. Ms. Anubha Arora is currently at ENSAIT in France for the student semester exchange programme.
III. Ms. Aishwaryashree has been shortlisted for the dual degree programme at FIT, New York, USA.
IV. Ms. Disha Ahuja and Ms. Shailja Bohara, semester IV students of NIFT, Kangra, are shortlisted for the semester exchange programme respectively at Swiss Textile College and Saxion College of Arts.