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Kangra campus has completed following projects:

  • Cut & Sew Workshop for DRDA
  • Logo Design for Department of Transport, Himachal Pradesh
  • Short Term Workshop on Cut & Sew for ITI Trainers
  • Short Term Workshop on Dress Making for ITI Trainers
  • Short Term Workshop on Embroidery & Needlework for ITI Trainers

The ongoing Projects are as follows:
I. USTTAD Projects:
NIFT Kangra, being one of the implementing capuses of USTTAD Project, has been working with the Tibetan Handicrafts Cooperative and their weavers of Tibetan Carpet as part of the USTTAD project that is planned to be implemented in 3 phases.
II. Kangra Temple Project:
It is said that Kangra is mentioned as one of the 24 holiest sites in Puranas. The Brijeshwari temple of Kangra has been an ancient site of pilgrimage for hundreds of years for the Hindus, Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs. Shri Shashi Pal Negi, HAS, SDM Kangra has involved the students of NIFT Kangra Campus in developing a website for the temple. The students have created a website documented the history of the temple and proposed a makeover plan for the Kangra temple premises. This engagement of NIFT students has been taken by Secretary Language and Art and Culture of Government of HP. Through this initiative, the Government of HP is pitching for budget under the PRASAD scheme.

The students of NIFT Kangra, namely Ms. Achal Sayal, AD IV, Ms. Pallavi Lahiry, FC VI, Ms. Soumya Gupta, FC VI, Ms. Sudeeksha Tiwari, FC VI, Ms. Parul, AD VI and Mr. Mohit Moudgil, AD Vi were leading the projects.