• National Resource Centre

    • The National Resource Centre (NRC) acts as the coordinating body for development of all the Resource Centres (RCs) in terms of collection development, manpower planning, information management, infrastructure planning, automation and standardization. The department also manages the consortium of all RCs to achieve optimum resource sharing and cost-effectiveness in acquisition of learning resources. The activities of NRC include the following:

      Selective Collection Development of Books
      NRC undertakes selective collection development for all RCs or any particular RC for special or newly introduced academic programmes. Centralized procurement of e-Books is undertaken by NRC as a cost-effective measure. NRC also acquires multiple copies of select books in print version for all RCs.

      Consortium Subscriptions of Electronic Databases and Periodicals
      The consortium managed by NRC subscribes to international electronic online databases and periodicals for access by all RCs. Centralized subscriptions of multiple copies of select international print magazines and journals for all RCs are also handled by NRC.

      Management of Multi-Location Library Management Software
      NRC coordinates installations and functioning of the cloud based multi-location library management software, e-Granthalaya of NIC, that offers access to integrated catalogues and user services of all the Resource Centres of NIFT.

      Development of a Digital Institutional Repository
      NRC has undertaken various activities related to digital preservation of select print and non-print materials in the collections of RCs. It is engaged in creation of an institutional repository of graduation project reports, dissertations, theses and other intellectual assets of the institution. NRC has also initiated digitization of teaching aids including textiles, costumes and accessories of high reference value in the collections of all RCs. The department has undertaken development of various databanks related to the fashion industry such as, design bank, national products and services directory, photo archive, etc.

      Other Resource Sharing Activities
      NRC aims to facilitate optimum resource sharing among the Resource Centres to achieve equitable development of all the NIFT centres. The department takes steps to ensure that all RCs develop core collections of learning resources for the academic programmes. NRC also arranges for inter-library online document exchange, sharing/transfer of unused or surplus learning resources, etc.

      Standardization of activities
      NRC formulates general policies for standardization of professional and administrative activities, not requiring local variations, for all RCs on the basis of recommendations of the Heads of the Resource Centres.

      Conferences/Seminars/Training of RC staff
      NRC acts as the nodal centre for conducting training programmes for RC professionals and organization of conferences, seminars etc. NRC has organized a number of national and international conferences since 2007. In 2011 an international conference series International Conference on the Convergence of Libraries, Archives and Museums (ICLAM) was launched by NIFT.

    • A National Conference on Changing Information Landscape: Impact of ICT - 1st to 2nd March 2007 PDF file that opens in new window.(100KB)
    • An International Conference on Building Knowledge Repositories: Cross-Sectoral Collaborations 7th to 9th Feb. 2008 PDF file that opens in new window.(100KB)
    • ICLAM 2011 : User Empowerment through Digital Technologies 15th to 17th February, 2011 PDF file that opens in new window.(100KB)
    • ICLAM 2014 : Innovative ideas, Technologies and Services. Nov. 27 to 29, 2014 PDF file that opens in new window.(100KB)

    Future plan : Development of a Knowledge portal, Vastra TechNet, for the Textiles sector
    The National Resource Centre proposed a plan to develop a knowledge portal for the Textiles sector in 2015-16. The Proposal has been recommended by the Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India. Vastra TechNet is envisaged as a knowledge portal for the Textiles sector based on an integrated information management system with applications of cloud and mobile computing. Vastra Technet will be an information system that will knit together various digital and physical repositories of knowledge resources scattered across the Textiles sector. Currently, NRC is engaged in preparation of DPR for Vastra TechNet.

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