• Resource Centre

    • The Resource Centre(RC) functions as the centre for academic information in each NIFT campus. It caters to the information needs of the students, faculty and staff of the NIFT Centre and also the design community and fashion industry of the region. The Resource Centre manages activities related to regular acquisition, processing of information sources and dissemination of information to its users.

      At present there are 16 Resource Centres in NIFT. The Resource Centre at NIFT New Delhi was established in 1987. The Resource Centres at Chennai, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai were set up in 1995 and that of Bengaluru was established in 1997. The Resource Centres at Rae Bareli, Kannur, Jodhpur and Shillong were established during the first decade of the 21st Century. The Resource Centre of NIFT Srinagar Centre is being developed at present.

      Highlights of the activities of the Resource Centres:

      Collection development
      RCs acquire print, electronic and other non-print learning resources throughout the year. The collections of RCs vary from Centre to Centre.

      Processing of print & non-print acquisitions
      The processing of acquired print and non-print materials, creation and updating of catalogues and indexes of the print, digital and other non-print collections, databases of digital images are undertaken in all RCs on regular basis.

      RCs use cloud based integrated multi-location library management database e-Granthalaya of the National Informatics Centre (NIC) to offer online information services to its members. All RCs also provide face-to-face manual information service to the students and faculty of the institution. For details please click here

      Physical maintenance and security of collections
      Each RC is equipped with bar coding system, electronic surveillance system and CCTVs to ensure security of its collections and regulate circulation of materials.

      Resource Sharing
      RCs share their learning resources via the common platform provided by the cloud based library management software e-Granthalaya. Reading materials including books and periodicals in print are borrowed and photocopies /electronic copies of documents are arranged from other libraries on specific requests of users. Few Resource Centres offer inter library loan facilities through membership of local and national network of libraries.