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    • Fashion Trend Services

      NRC consortium subscribes to the following leading international fashion trend forecasting services for the fashion and creative industries. These services are available online in all the NIFT centres and few are also available in print.

      Promostyl is a pioneer among the fashion trend services of the world. The company has its head office in Paris and offices in other metros of the world. This trend service presents a global view of trends, fashion and design. Promostyl covers all sectors ranging from mass market to luxury. The publications of Promostyl are available in both print and electronic versions.

      WGSN is a global online fashion forecasting service with offices throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America and the Middle East. The trend service was launched in 1998 for the fashion and design industries, providing trend forecasting and analysis to the influential businesses in the world. The leading trend service Style sight is also accessible on the platform of WGSN after the merger of two services.