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To keep students abreast with the developments in the industry, more than 116 online interactions with industry personnel were organized by various academic departments in the academic year 2021-22

Faculty at NIFT Gandhinagar presented papers at various international conferences held in Oman, Poland, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Paris, Malaysia, London, and the USA. Faculty members were invited to attend workshops, fairs, seminars in Amsterdam, Netherlands, London, and Shanghai. faculty has research publications in various international journals.

International collaborations allow students to experience ‘study abroad’ options through exchange program. This initiative provides an excellent opportunity to NIFT students, selected for the exchange programme, to interact with students from various geographies, encouraging them to broaden their vision and understand different cultures.

Students have also been selected for summer programmmes at Mod’Art International, Paris; ENSAIT, France; Bunka, Japan; NABA, Italy; KEA, Denmark and FIT, New York.