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Patents of Officials of NIFT Delhi Campus.

Patent-1: "SELF-DEFENSE WEARABLE" (08/01/2013) The inventors are Dr Noopur Anand, Dr Deepak Panghal, BFT students -Mr Priya Nishant and Mr Ahmad Shazad

Patent-2: "Evaluating Sewing Skill of an Operator of a Sewing Machine" (04-01-2018) The inventors are Dr Prabir Jana, Dr Deepak Panghal and Mr Dinesh Kumar

Patent-3: "Needle Replacement System" (20-12-2019) The inventors are: Mr Ravi Shekhar, Mr Shubham Tilara, Dr. Prabir Jana and Dr. Suhail Anwar

Patent-4:  "A Magnetic System to Prevent Scattering of Broken Sewing Machine Needle" (31/01/2024) The inventors are Dr. Deepak Panghal and Mr. Sirfraj Ahmed