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About NIFT

Set up in 1986, NIFT is the pioneering institute of fashion education in the country and has been in the vanguard of providing professional human resource to the textile and apparel industry. It was made a statutory institute in 2006 by an Act of the Indian Parliament with the President of India as ‘Visitor’ and has full fledged campuses all across the country. Over the years NIFT has also been working as a knowledge service provider to the Union and State governments in the area of design development and positioning of handlooms and handicrafts.

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Craft Cluster Initiative

The range of diversity in living traditions in handicrafts and in textiles particularly handloom in India is nothing short of breathtaking and it has been an ongoing effort in NIFT to document and showcase that knowledge and to impart to its students a heightened understanding of the legacy and technical skills of the multitudinous Indian craft traditions. This effort has gained a fillip through the Craft Cluster Initiative supported by the Development Commissioner Handlooms and Handicrafts which has institutionalized the initiative in the curriculum of all design and management courses of NIFT so as to build on the synergies of sustained interaction with craft communities in all corners of the country.

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Life @ NIFT

An institution that caters to creative individuals and to innovators needs to provide
the right ecosystem –
         Where midnight oils burn - to get assignments in at the last moment, but also
         to set up out- of- the- world installations.
         Where Freedom and Responsibility co exist (well-almost!).
         Where no idea is too wacky to not be given a shot. And where the opportunity
         to listen to and be mentored by the best in the business keeps coming your way.
That is life at NIFT.

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