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Students' achievements

  1. It was an ecstatic moment - Visited Indias’ premium institution IIM Ahmedabad Campus on 8th January 2023 (Sunday). FMS student Ms. Anahat kaur Wadhera MFM I Year Student NIFT Gandhinagar Presented Research poster in International Conference on Digital Organizations in IIM Ahmedabad on the topic, “Robo Psychology and Game Theory”. It is an outcome of Game Theory for Business Subjects.

  2. Mr. Vishakh Kumar, FD, won the Vougue Honours 2016

  3. Ms. Darshita Agarwal & Mr. Vivek Vaishnavi, BFT, participated in Starthelon – IIM Ahmedabad – 2016 from 9th November to 22nd November 2016 held at IIM Ahmedabad and secured the 1st & 2nd Prize respectively.

  4. Mr. Vivek Vaishnavi participated in India Skills Competition 2016 for 'Fashion Technology' – 2016 held at NIFT Bengaluru on 26th June 2016.

  5. Ms. Darshita Agarwal participated in Design Sutra on 29th August 2016 held in Mumbai and won the Consolation Prize

  6. Ms. Sajani Parekh, MFT, developed Cooling Jacket for textile workers as a part of her Research Project during Jan - Jun 2017.

  7. Ms. Ishita and Ms. Nitika Yadav, BFT, developed prototype for on machine broken needle collection system for sewing machine during Jan - Jun 2017 (Patent application No. 201921006747, dt. 20.02.2019) .

  8. Ms. Akshita Mishra got shortlisted as one of the Top 10 finalists of She Leads by Women of Worth 2017 held on 28th February 2017 at British Embassy, Chennai.

  9. Students of BFT attended BRAVADO 2017, 2nd Entrepreneurship Conclave on 8th April 2017 with the topic: Fueling Entrepreneurial Culture in Academic Institutions, held at Oakbrook Campus Ahmedabad. Shatakshi Varshney and Vishal Singh won the runners up position competition held on Business Plan.

  10. Ms. Gurusha Mahajan, Ms. Anjali Shhakya and Ms. Krishna Chandra of BFT took part in the initiative for the beautification of public toilets as a part of the Swacch Bharat drive during Jul - Dec 2017.

  11. Students of BFT contributed in a short film showcasing the efforts of NIFT Gandhinagar to promote Sustainability and the 3Rs- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle for the Ministry of Textiles under Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan.

  12. Ms. Sachi Khattar, FD selected in final 15 contestants for Max Design Award 2016 and Stood at top 19 for Woolmark in 2017.

  13. Ms. Ruchita Koshti got the international exposure & pursue her research project at Asmara International Pvt. Ltd. Indonesia during Jan - Jun 2017.

  14. Mr. Tushar Rajan Sharma, FC, as part of his Graduation Project, designed graphics for garments under the guidance of Manish Arora which were showcased in Paris Fashion Week 2017.

  15. Mr. Vivek Vaishnavi, BFT was selected and attended the Model Youth Parliament - Budget Session 2017 from 24th to 26th March 2017 which was a prestigious event for potential future leaders.

  16. Students go for international semester exchange programmes to KEA, Denmark and Mod’Art International, Paris, NABA, Italy; ENSAIT, France; BUNKA Fashion College, Japan.

  17. NIFT Gandhinagar signed an MOU with the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) that covers broad areas of collaboration including Faculty sharing (for academic and jury), Infrastructure sharing, faculty training, resource centre sharing, joint projects, joint publications etc.

  18. NIFT Gandhinagar’s MOU with the National Institute of Design (NID) allows its students access to NID’s Library and Resource Centre as well as exchange of faculty and students across academics, special events and extra-curricular activities.

  19. An automatic sewing needle vending machine was developed by Ms. Akshita Mishra, BFT, in Jan - Jun 2018 (Patent Application No. 201921006345, Dt. 18.02.2019. Inventors - Ms. Akshita Mishra, Mr. Ankur Makhija

  20. An automatic machine for removal of loose threads from knit ad delicate garment was developed by Mr. Tanmayee Jagetia, MFT (Patent Application No. 201921034817, Dt. 28.08.2019, Innovators - Mr. Tanmay Jagetia, Mr. Ankur Makhija)

Achievements during the academic year 2020-21

  1. Mr. Agraj Singh Nagarkoti, student of fashion communication won second prize in solo dance, first prize in group dance at 'Elysian' Festival, Nirma University and won first prize in group dance at 'Bauddhika', Shanti Business School. He also won second prize as a model in a fashion show and participated in group dance at IIM Ahmedabad 'Chaos'. 

  2. Ms. Neha Kolte, student of fashion communication, won first prize in dance competitions at Aspire, Adani institute of infrastructure, Bauddhika fest of Shanti Business school and Nirma University. She won second prize at throw ball competition as a part of the team at GNLU institute’s festival Pentagram. 

  3. Ms. Anoushka Chauhan, student of fashion communication won first prize in IMA Ball at IMA Dehradun. She was declared the winner at the competition “Campus Princess” (Odyssey'20) at IIIT DELHI. She also won second prize in fashion show as model at Chaos in IIM Ahmedabad.

  4. Ms. Prachi Sethi’s graduation project “Below Zero a visual journey” was exhibited at NIFT Showcase, Delhi.

  5. Ms. Ira Akbar, student of accessory design, was declared as the first runner up in Titan Nvisage Design Competition.

  6. Ms. Tanvi Maisheri, student of accessory design, was adjudged as the second runner up in Titan Nvisage Design Competition.

  7. Ms. Chandni Lakhotia, student of accessory design was declared as the winner of Jewelry Design Competition.

  8. Ms. Swati Joshi student of fashion technology secured the 2nd position in All India Time SSD contest. 

  9. Mr. Varanneya Thakore, student of fashion communication was declared a winner in the “poster art category” for his artwork titled ‘Rick and Morty x Breaking Band’ in the design challenge organised by India Film Project – Season X.

  10. Ms. Sakshi Jain, student of fashion communication, won second prize in “Lenz Law”, a Theme based Photography competition in Blithchron’21 by IIT Gandhinagar.

  11. Ms. Avani Sharma, student of accessory design won Vogue's Annual subscription for participation at NIFT Dialogue. 

  12. Ms. Chandni Lakhotia, student of accessory design was declared winner at the “Quarantine Design Contest” organised by Savio Jewellery, Jaipur.

  13. Ms. Sharanya Dharmarajan and Ms. Twinkle Garg from accessory design department were adjudged as 1st Runner Up in Toy Design Challenge-2021 organised by Skillenza and Amazon.

  14. Ms. Jyoti Ranjan, student of accessory design won 2nd prize in “Tana – Bana” photography competition organised by Gujarat Government.

  15. Ms. Nikita Ramkisan, student of accessory design established “With You” Foundation in Shevgaon, Ahmadnagar, Maharashtra to address mental health issues of Covid patients during quarantine period, in coordination with senior medical experts.