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NIFT Kangra has become a one-time solution for all projects related to craft, Capacity building, research projects, fashion, and garments.NIFT Kangra has signed MOUs with well-known institutions of the country and in the state, among them, LBSNAA Mussoorie, HPKVN Shimla, Startup cell Himachal Pradesh, NABARD, and Himachal Pradesh General Industries Corporation Ltd. NIFT Kangra has touched the revenue of Rs 8 crore in the annual year 2021 -2022.

Completed Projects

  • Project of Dress designing and fabrication for LBSNAA Mussoorie in September 2020.
  • Project of wall painting for District Kangra and District Hamirpur in March 2021.
  • UNDP Project in District Pangi (Himachal Pradesh) 
  • Impact assessment study of Chambyal Project on Chamba crafts.
  • Design and technology workshop for Bamboo craft in District Kangra sponsored by DC Handicrafts.
  • Training of ITI instructors.  
  • Wall painting in SP Office Hamirpur.
  • Fashion show at Kullu carnival.
  • Fashion show at international summer festival Shimla.

Ongoing Projects

  • UNDP project in district Pangi( Himachal Pradesh), 
  • Impact assessment study of Chambyal Project on Chamba crafts.
  • Dress designing and fabrication for LBSNAA, Masurrie.
  • Design and technology workshop for bamboo craft in district Kangra sponsored by DC Handicrafts.

Proposed Projects

  • Revival of Nurpur silk mills.
  • Revival of furniture factory at Bilaspur.
  • Revival of  Modular furniture factory at Chambaghat.
  • Advance training program for ITI students.
  • Training of master craftsmen with HPKVN.