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The Resource Centre(RC), NIFT Patna established with the inception of the NIFT Patna centre in 2008, is the information centre for NIFT academic activities of NIFT Patna Centre.

It caters to the information needs of the students, faculty and staff of the NIFT Centre and also the design community and fashion industry of the region. The Resource Centre manages activities related to regular acquisition, processing of information sources and dissemination of information to its users.


Activities of the Resource Centre:

Collection Development:

RCs acquire print, electronic and other non-print learning resources throughout the year. The processing of acquired print and non-print materials, creation and updating of catalogues and indexes of the print, digital and other non-print collections.



RCs use cloud based integrated multi-location library management database e-Granthalaya of the National Informatics Centre(NIC) to offer online information services to its members. All RCs also provide face-to-face manual information service to the students and faculty of the institution.

Physical maintenance and security of collections.

In addition to the manual security supervision the electronic surveillance system had implemented to ensure the security of its collections and regulate circulation of materials.


Resource Sharing:

RCs share their learning resources via the common platform provided by the cloud based library management software e-Granthalaya. Reading materials including books and periodicals in print are borrowed and photocopies/electronic copies of documents are arranged from other libraries through institutional membership with other libraries.


The National Resource Centre at New Delhi and the Resource Centre at each NIFT Centre are pillars of information and knowledge management. Each Resource Centre has an integrated collection of print, visual and creative material resource: the only systematically documented source of information available in India for study of international and contemporary Indian fashion. The Resource Centres also provide information services to the design community, industry practitioners and entrepreneurs.


The collections at the RCs include:

Books and Periodicals

National and international fashion, textile and craft journals

Audio-visuals materials

E-Books and E-Journals

Fashion forecast related Online Databases

Bound volume of Journals

Local crafts items

Students Project Reports/Internship Reports

Textile collections


Services offered:

Reference Service

Online Public Access Catalogue(OPAC)

Bibliographic Service

Indexing & Abstracting Service

Circulation Service

Reprographic Service

Colour Service