For Apparel Industry

  • Better understanding of the target population / consumer through data driven correlation of anthropometry and demographics.
  • Developing fit philosophy through improved understanding of body shapes and size set tables thus providing better fitting garment.
  • Lower market risks through optimizing efficiency of size charts by increasing percentage of target consumers that would fit into the available sizes hence increasing sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Development of better suited dress forms and mannequins for improved testing and display.
  • Potential of venturing into newer avenues because of better understanding of body and fit.

For Consumer

  • A better fitting garment for increased comfort and style.
  • Reduced inconvenience of returning improper fitting garments or guessing about size differences that occur between brands.
  • Ergonomically designed products which are better suited to their body shape and size.
  • Having a size number which can be equated with other size denominations across the globe.

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