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To achieve its ambition of being a world-class Fashion & Technology  Institute, NIFT Jodhpur is committed to the significant enhancement of its facilities and buildings, which are essential for world-class research and the overall development of students. NIFTJ has a highly modern and state-of-the-art infrastructure that goes a long way in facilitating many services for the students and faculties.


The spacious, amphitheater-style classrooms in NIFTJ  provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions. They have been designed to combine analysis with action and are augmented with integrated audio-visual teaching aids for lectures, presentations, etc. Special sessions and classes are also held on business etiquette, negotiation skills, effective communication, leadership, teamwork, and analytical skills


A fully air-conditioned high-tech auditorium provides ample opportunity for our staff and students to exhibit their talents in cultural activities. The NIFTJ auditorium has all the facilities to enhance the learning process and is a vast space that serves the varied requirements of quality education. The auditorium is equipped with the latest gadgets, such as Interactive TV, Digital Podium, and a top-notch sound system


NIFT JODHPUR has Eleven Laboratories and One high-tech IT lab. Laboratories are fully equipped to meet the academic requirements and impart good hands-on experience and practical learning per the NIFT curriculum.

Garment Construction Lab:  03

Each garment construction lab has a build-up area of around 3600 square feet and has the latest types of machinery required for garment construction, such as Single-needle Lock stitch machines, Single needle Lock stitch programmable machines with UBT, Single needle chain stitch, Double-needle chain stitch, 5-T Overlock, I-let Button Hole, Double-needle lock stitch, Buttonhole, Embroidery and many more types of equipment.

Pattern Making Lab and studio: 02

Each pattern-making lab and studio has a build-up area of around 3000 square feet and has the latest types of machinery required for pattern-making, such as Pattern making tables with cork sheets, Cutting tables, Dress forms of mixed sizes and categories, Straight Knife machines, Round Knife machine, Knotcher, Fusing Machine, Band knife, and many more types of equipment.

Photography lab : 01

The Photography lab includes the most advanced hardware used by domain experts. It is equipped with state-of-the-art suspended Elinchrom lights, motorized backdrops, various accessories like diffusing materials, DSLR Camera, a Green room with a modeling lamp, Studio Lights, Soft Box(Rectangle, octa, square), Art tables, Diffuser+ light tent, Video Camera, Mataroized Backdrop extensions & radio triggers, tripods, etc., to enhance the learning experience for students. The provided infrastructure helps students develop an awareness of old and new photography practices but also assists them in realizing ambitious production-based projects.

Accessory Design Lab: 01


 Accessory Design Lab in NIFT Jodhpur imparts practical training to the students of all the departments at the foundation level. The various shops of AD lab are fully equipped and provide centralized training to the students. It also caters to the need for the project work of the students. Lab also extends its facilities to most of the students to carry out their fabrication projects & experimental work in the areas of Metal cutting, Furniture, Processing of materials,  Welding, etc.

Design Collection lab: 01

The latest designs/fashion collection is compiled in the Design Collection lab.

Weaving Lab: 01

Weaving Lab provides students with the knowledge and practical skill in weaving like derivation in plain, twill, and sateen weave with variations of hands-on skills in tabletop and semi-automatic loom. It also helps intellectual and technological skills  in combination with theoretical knowledge and practical application

Surface Design Lab: 01

Surface Design Lab provides practical hands-on skills on dyeing and printing techniques.

This lab provides students state of art skills with various types of machinery which are used for textile industries and processing labs.

Textile Testing lab:

Textile testing is performing a series of tests to evaluate the quality and properties of a textile material using different textile testing methods. These tests are sometimes done before a textile goes into widespread use, or on fabrics like abrasion, pilling, color fastness, etc.

IT LAB/ COMPUTING FACILITIES: Institute has two windows labs and one IMac lab with the latest design and technology software such as Adobe creative clouds, CAD, FastReact, ERP, and TukaCAD, which help students to do hands-on practice on latest software's and technology

RESOURCES CENTRE: Resource Center has a subscription of electronic resources like e-books, e-journals, online databases, and trend forecasting services from prominent publishers such as EBSCO, ProQuest, JSTOR, Bloomsbury, Taylor & Francis, Magzter, WGSN, etc. To facilitate and promote use of e-resources, NIFT, Jodhpur Resource center, provides off-campus (remote) access of subscribed e-resources to faculty members, scholars and students. RC team can be contacted to get access through user id and password.

Resource Centre uses e-Granthalaya, an integrated multi-lingual library management software developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) for collection management and offering numerous information services.

RESIDENTIAL ACCOMMODATION: Institute has a residential facility for Faculties, officers, staff, and students. NIFT Jodhpur has Two ac girl's hostels and one temporary boy's hostel on campus. Institute has planned to construct two more hostels. Construction will start very soon.

CAFETERIA: The institute canteen is a great place to promote an enjoyment of healthy eating. Students can use the canteen any day; the food served significantly contributes to their total food intake and nutrition; therefore, ensuring the best food possible makes sense.

ZYM: Institute provides a gym facility for the students

SPORTS FACILITIES: NIFT Jodhpur provides outdoor and indoor sports facilities such as Basketball, Volleyball, Kabaddi court, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, etc.

INSTITUTE BUS FACILITY: NIFT Jodhpur has two buses running between the NIFT campus and Jodhpur city. Students, faculty members, and staff who live off-campus use these buses for their daily commute. These buses are also used to take students to industrial visits. NTwo to three shifts of vehicles ply between the NIFT campus and Jodhpur city on a weekend day for students who live in a hostel to purchase essentials.

BANK & ATM:  Institue offers a bank facility (Union Bank of India) and an on-campus ATM.