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Bhagalpur (Bihar) Handloom Cluster Project

Bhagalpur (Bihar) Handloom Cluster project sponsored by Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India is being executed with NIFT Patna as CMTA. Project aims to prepare the roadmap for the integrated and holistic development of Bhagalpur Handloom Cluster to improve its competency which will ensure its sustainable growth and increase in its total trade. 

USTTAD Project

USTTAD project sponsored by the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India, is being coordinated by Ms. Rajni Srivastava, Asst. Professor under the guidance of NIFT HO. It aims to impart training for up gradation of skills of master craftsperson in preservation of traditional ancestral arts/ crafts of minorities and workshop for training on design intervention and product diversification has been organised in Bhagalpur handloom clusters.

Bhagalpur Mega Cluster

Bhagalpur Mega Handloom Cluster Project is sanctioned by DC (Handlooms), Ministry of Textiles. The duration of the Project is 05 years. The Project is to prepare roadmap for the integrated and holistic development of Bhagalpur Mega Handloom Cluster through providing infrastructural and skill development support to cluster stake holders for improving the product quality and design of handloom products and for increase in trade. NIFT Patna has been engaged as Cluster Management and Technical Agency (CMTA) to assist in identification and execution of the project. The deliverables for the Project are conducting diagnostic survey, providing guidelines to prepare RFP for CFC, Dye House, Design Studio and Product Development Centre, Design Research and Market Linkage, and monitoring of Project implementation. The project is on-going.

Bihar Khadi

A Project for Development of Dying & Printing, Design Development, Capacity Building, Production of Value Added Khadi Apparel and Branding of Bihar Khadi has been sanctioned by the Bihar Khadi Board, Govt. of Bihar. The duration of the Project is 03 years from March 2016 to March, 2019. The project aims to develop strategy to contemporize Bihar Khadi to meet Global Standards. The deliverables envisaged for the Project broadly covers three categories

Design Development, Dyeing and Printing and Branding. The deliverables include 200 prototypes of different designs, 60 designs of textile swatches, different promotional activities to promote Khadi, workshops for capacity building of Khadi Samiti's artisans. 100 new prototypes and 30 swatches of textile design have been developed. The products during the initial stage were showcased in the Bihar Pavilion during IITF at New Delhi. New Khadi collections were showcased during Charkha Diwas celebrated by Govt. of Bihar and NIFT annual event Fashionova 2016 and 2017. Two artisan training programmes for the capacity building of Khadi Samitis were conducted in the month of January and June 2017. The project is on-going.

Technology Gap Analysis Study for Readymade Garments Cluster, Patna City, Bihar

Development of Bihar Khadi

An objective of Development of Bihar Khadi with exploration in Dyeing & Printing, Design Development, Capacity Building, Production of Value Added Khadi Apparel and Branding. NIFT Patna has proposed to undertake a mission to develop strategy to contemporaries Bihar Khadi to meet Global Standards.

NIFT- SIDBI -Joint Intervention for Crafts in Bihar

To cover design interventions, skill development and upgradation; product; promotion; market dynamics, and market linkages with the proposed training program. Skill upgradation training program for artisans is an integral part of it. The artisans are provided skill upgradation training which shall contribute to their career and improve their earnings.

Showing Textiles of Bihar at Sonepur Fair

Showing Textiles of Bihar at Harihar Kshetra Sonepur Fair