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Diversified career options for Fashion Communication

In the ever-growing world of fashion, the Fashion Communication (FC) design programme at NIFT happens to be the single most cutting-edge, exciting, and increasingly essential pathway to open up in the fashion and lifestyle industry. The significance of brand identity has come to be seen on par with what the brand sells i.e., the product. Numerous prêt and luxury brands keep appearing in the Indian retail scenario, and it has become essential for each one of them to develop a unique brand identity for maximum impact and visibility. Fashion Communication has made it feasible for these brands to communicate their products, identity, and strategy, by providing a platform for these very brands.

The Fashion Communication programmeprimarily focuses on four major domains i.e., Graphic Design, Space Design, Fashion Media and Fashion Thinking, and the related genres of these major areas, using hand and digital skills through knowledge, application and practice based approach.

The restructured curriculum is designed to instill a robust communication design base with an increased industry interface by way of visits, industry-linked projects and lectures by industry experts. Further more, besides the existing industry exposure, internship and graduation project, the new curriculum includes a mandatory industry connect from semester-III onwards in form field visits, classroom projects and special lectures by industry professional/experts.The continuousevaluation would be based on student’s regularity, engagement with the industry by way of participation in classroom projects, participation in fashion weeks or other industry events, or through faculty assistance in an ongoing consultancy project.

The graduates of Fashion Communication emerge as dynamic professionals qualified to offer the most effective and financially viable communication solutions for the fashion, lifestyle industry and beyond.

Fashion Communication

The fast-moving digital revolution has opened up Fashion Communication design to new disciplines that require students to excel not only in traditional design skills but also explore and design human-centered concepts and system design processes

linked with information technology:
  • New material i.e., experimental, combinations and futuristic
  • Fashion Thinking - design and thinking through fashion
  • Modules like Omni-channel (UX), sensory design, augmented reality, virtual experience designwith the role of artificial intelligence, have been incorporated, as they are the future of the fashion and other retail industry.
  • 2D Animation and Motion Graphics

As new careers keep growing in the industry, there is infinite scope for the graduates of Fashion Communication to explore and expand their horizons. In the areas of branding, styling, social media marketing, photography, commercial fashion space, UI & UX design and graphics, Fashion Communication graduates are both versatile and passionate about more areas than just one. Come graduation, the students are well versed with knowledge, concept base and skill. With some of the most prolific companies regularly seeking such talented and disciplined students, Fashion Communication remains one of the most desirable design disciplines at NIFT.

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