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Student development programmes at NIFT have been built around providing an avenue for co curricular activities and interaction with sister campuses. The ‘Fashion Spectrum’, the annual fest of the Institute gives students free rein to showcase their talent. The best of the best from all campuses also get to compete with each other at ‘Converge’, the Sports and Cultural National Meet of NIFT.

Students also participate in a wide range of activities through the Student Development Activity Clubs (SDAC). The Wednesday evening zero hour is exclusively for the SDACs.

Social and Environmental Club

The Social and Environmental Club of NIFT hosts different competitions and events celebrating multiple festivals both Indian(like Onam, DusheraMela, Mahalaya) and International (like Halloween). The DussheraMela is one of the most popular events hosted by the club before students go home for Diwali vacations. Along with celebratory events, the club also hosts numerous social events like blood donation drives, donation camps and NGO visits to sensitise students toaspects of socially inclusive growth. Health Week is a special initiative taken by the club, during which various camps are put up and free of cost medical aid and check up is provided to the students and faculty.

Cultural Club

The Cultural Club has students from different academic years and departments, with a common interest in cultural affairs. Various events are conducted, inviting artists and performers for cultural interactions. Spectrum, the annual fest of the Institute, is coordinated by the Cultural Club. The fashion team, the dance team, the music team etc. work in coordination with the club, which usually has one or two faculty mentors.

Literary Club

Debates, discussions, poetry, creative writing, organizing and management of different kinds of events, sharing experiences, the Literary Club brings them all out on the table. "Words are the most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it."And it is words the Literary Club like to play with. The Literary Club keeps searching for new ideas and creatively criticizing existing ones.

Film and Photography Club

The Film and Photography Club is responsible for all visual communication activities - lights, camera and action - however, their responsibilities and initiatives are not restricted to the above. The club members also help other students develop their skills in photography and film-making.The Club believes in testing the knowledge gained in an adverse condition, in environments which can't be controlled and hence they also organize various photo-walks and photo-trips The Club recently gave NIFT its first yearbook.

Sports Club

The Sports Club promotes all activities related to Sports. The various sports promoted include Table Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Throwball and Cricket.The activities are divided into leagues according to the sport. Throughout the year, the leagues encourage participation among the student community through on-campus tournaments. The core teams across campuses compete in the main annual Meet, Converge. Some teams also get opportunities for competing in sports events hosted by other colleges.