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NJF Vol1
NJF Vol1


Theme: Resilience and Innovation in a Post COVID-19 Era


1. When Fashionology meets Healthology: Examining the Impact of User Engagement on Brand Advocacy and Loyalty for Smart Wearables
Authors: Nagma Sahi Ansari, Noor Malhotra and Ritu Malhotra |Page: 01 - 18

2. COVID-19 and Indian Apparel Industry: A Logistic Regression Model to assess the Impact on Operation, Development and Sustenance
Authors: Raghuram Jayaraman, S. Prabhakar, Amit Kumar Anjanee, Renjini G and Suhail Anwar |Page: 19 - 38

3. IPR Policies in the Fashion Industry and Consumer Behavior during COVID-19
Authors: Kunal Singha, Pintu Pandit and Sanjay Shrivastava |Page: 39 – 55

4. Decoding Indian Color Design: A Strategy for the Post COVID Future
Authors: Savita Sheoran Rana and Vasantha Muthian |Page: 56 - 78

5. Influence of Branded Entertainment on Viewers Buying Attitude in the Pre- and Post COVID-19 Period
Author: Sushil Raturi |Page: 79 – 94

6. Fashion Consumption and Disposal Patterns among College Students during COVID-19 in India
Authors: Nilanjana Bairagi and Suparno Goswami |Page: 95 – 106

7. Study of Beauty and Makeup Trends for Indian Millennials amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic
Authors: Gulnaz Banu P, Diptashree Mondal and Prachi Gautam |Page: 107 – 126

8. Amplifying Sustainability in the Indian Fashion E-commerce Marketplace
Authors: Komal Arora and Jasmine S. Dixit |Page: 127 – 148

9. Rethinking Resilience: COVID-19 and Creativity among Mysore Rosewood Inlay Artisans
Authors: Shipra Roy and Nilanjana Bairagi |Page: 149 – 169

10. Role of Online Technology for COVID Resilience among Handicraft Artisans
Author: R. Reshmi Munshi |Page: 170 – 187

11. DIY Dress Form: A Facilitator of Online Fashion Education
Authors: Ruhee Das Chowdhury and Malini Divakala |Page: 188 – 199

12. Digital Museums and Hybrid Models of Craft Studies during COVID-19
Author: Sreenanda Palit |Page: 200 – 216

13. Digital Museums and Repositories of Textile and Dress Heritage: A Study on Challenges and Opportunities
Authors: Ruby Kashyap Sood and Sudha Dhingra |Page: 217 – 230

14. Crafts Education and Rhizomatic Learning during COVID-19
Author: Banhi Jha |Page: 231 – 249

Published by National Institute of Fashion Technology


Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief Banhi Jha, PhD
Senior Professor, NIFT, Delhi
Associate Editor Ruby Kashyap Sood, PhD
Professor, NIFT, Delhi
Advisor Vandana Narang, PhD
Professor, NIFT, Delhi


Arti Sandhu, Associate Professor, DAAP, Cincinatti, USA

Lynn M. Boorady, PhD, Professor, Oklahoma State University, Ohio, USA

G. Chiranjeevi Reddy, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Hyderabad

M. Annaji Sarma, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Hyderabad

Malini Divakala, PhD , Professor, NIFT, Hyderabad

Noopur Anand, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Delhi

Purva Khurana, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Delhi

Rajeev Malik, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Delhi

R. Russel Timothy, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Chennai

Shalini Sood Sehgal, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Delhi

Sibichan K Mathew, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Delhi

Usha Narasimhan, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Delhi

Varsha Gupta, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Delhi    

Vasantha Muthian, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Chennai

Vibhavari Kumar, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Bengaluru   

Yashodha Kumari V, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Bengaluru

Profiles of the Members of the Editorial Board