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NJF Vol2 cover
NJF Vol1


Theme: Sustainable Futuring: Policies, Strategies and Practices


1. Ecological Circularity from Soil to Skin: The Case of Tula
Author: Banhi Jha |Page: 01 - 14

2. Collaborative Fashion Consumption Practices through Formal Swapping Events in the City of Bengaluru, India
Authors: Shinju Mahajan and Jitender Singh |Page: 15 - 30

3. Factors Influencing Indian Youth’s Decision to Purchase Secondhand Clothing in Delhi-NCR
Authors: Rishab Manocha and Mridul Dharwal |Page: 31 – 51

4. Influence of the Green Marketing Mix on Customers’ Purchase Intentions for Sustainable Eco-Friendly Fashion Products
Authors: Sushil Raturi and Sachin Bhatnagar |Page: 52 - 69

5. Circular Economy Strategies for the Indian Apparel Industry
Authors: Jaya Advani and Rashmi Gulati |Page: 70 – 86

6. The Role of Fashion Social Commerce in Advancing Sustainable Practices in India
Authors: Akshita Srivastava and Suman Verma |Page: 87 – 103

7. Parameters for Sustainable Consumption Behavior towards Denim
Authors: Kanishka and Deepak Joshi |Page: 104 – 126

8. Product Attachment and Sustaibability: Two Facets of the Same Coin
Authors: Sareekah Agarwaal and Ruby Kashyap Sood |Page: 127 – 144

9. Textiles Crafts and Co-Creation as a Strategy for Sustainable Design Pedagogy
Authors: Usha Narasimhan and Shinju Mahajan |Page: 145 – 162

10. Sustainability in Fashion and Textiles Education: A Classroom Project Approach
Authors: Ruby Kashyap Sood and Anu Sharma |Page: 163 – 181

Published by National Institute of Fashion Technology


Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief Ruby Kashyap Sood, PhD
Professor, NIFT, Delhi
Associate Editor Deepak Joshi, PhD
Assistant Professor, NIFT, Delhi
Advisor Sudha Dhingra, PhD
Professor, NIFT, Delhi


Clare McTurk, Principal Lecturer, MFI MMU, UK

Jana M Hawley, PhD, Dean & Professor, CMHT, UNT, USA

Archana Gandhi, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Delhi

G. Chiranjeevi Reddy, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Hyderabad

Kislaya Choudhary, PhD , Professor, NIFT, Mumbai

Purva Khurana, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Delhi

Raghuram Jayaraman, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Chennai

Rajeev Malik, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Delhi

R. Russel Timothy, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Chennai

Shalini Sood Sehgal, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Delhi

Sibichan K Mathew, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Delhi

Usha Narasimhan, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Delhi

Varsha Gupta, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Delhi    

Vasantha Muthian, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Chennai

Vibhavari Kumar, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Bengaluru   

Yashodha Kumari V, PhD, Professor, NIFT, Bengaluru

Profiles of the Members of the Editorial Board