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A research collaboration project titled “A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Meet 21st Century Retailing Education and Industry Challenges for India and the U.S” was initiated under the Indo - US Knowledge Initiative. The project has been in progress since March 2016. Faculty members from the Department of Fashion Management Studies at various campuses of NIFT working together with faculty members from Iowa State University (ISU), Oklahoma State University (OSU), and University of North Texas (UNT)have developed modules for sharing and applying educational strategies and leading-edge industry knowledge to better prepare students and industry professionals to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing, global retail industry.As a part of the collaborative research project seven learning modules are being developed in consultation with industry members based in US and India. The seven module topics are:

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Retail Strategy Analysis
  • Omni-Channel Retailing
  • Experiential/Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategies and Building Brand Equity
  • Assortment Planning and Allocation
  • Retail Entrepreneurship in Small Non-Urban Markets
  • Promotional Strategy

These modules are being tested in the US through the universities involved in this collaboration during Fall 2017.

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