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“Keeping India forward in the world of Fashion: Make in India and Use for India”

Putting Indian fashion on the global map, VisioNxt – Trend Insights and Forecasting Lab is set up at NIFT under the R & D scheme of the Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India, following the Honorable Prime Minister’s clarion call to the industry at the Textiles India Summit in 2017. This is the first-ever Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Emotional Intelligence (EI) enabled Fashion trend analysis and forecasting initiative with a unique indigenous Deep Learning AI model and Indian Taxonomy of 50+ Indian products.

There are no trend forecasting services in India that center their database based on Indian requirements. Over 54,000+ primary images have been collected through an indigenously developed mobile App and 33,000+ secondary image data have been fed through the model to identify patterns in key attributes of fashion (style, colour, and regional accents) and test them. The model functions at an 86% accuracy at present. To date, 800+ GenZ youth have also been trained in the unique skill of Trend-spotting that will further add to the fashion intelligence of this nation. VisioNxt has developed and successfully disseminated 50+ micro trend reports to the industry. Fashion Trend Book (Dhi 23x24) and Emerging Mindset Book 23x24 are ready to be launched.

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